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At the end of 1992 - the time of the breakup of former Yugoslavia - a group of individuals, diving enthusiasts who remained in Belgrade and Serbia, decided to continue with their work in diving in order to preserve the continuity of diving in the shrunken Yugoslavia. Together with the Montenegrin association, SOPAS, and the clubs from Republic Srpska, the Diving Association of Yugoslavia (Ronilački savez Jugoslavije) was jointly founded, and was officially registered under the number 2/2 138/2-1993-02 with the Federal Ministry of Justice in 1993.

The President of the Association was Slobodan Panić, and the General Secretary was Aleksandar Karjuk. Members of the Presidium were Milorad Đuknić, Tomislav Petrović, Dr. Miodrag Živković and Radiša Životić.

Among the first tasks of RSJ, was to apply for the membership in the World Underwater Federeration, CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques). However, even after numerous attempts to establish the contact, we have always received the answer that it is not possible because Yugoslavia is under the embargo and sanctions. When it was established that the sanctions are also applicable to sports and that CMAS is abandoning and abandoning Yugoslavia and its divers, we decided to address other international and European organizations and associations. Among others, we addressed the European Committee of Professional Diving Instructors - CEDIP (Comité Européen des Instructeurs de Plongée professionnels), which decided not to apply the sanctions to sports, and provided us with some aid and support.

According to the RSJ statute, in addition to other working bodies, there was also a Committee of Diving Instructors, or, more precisely, the Association of Diving Instructors, the first president of which was Slavko Bogdanović. Since the CEDIP practice is to cooperate with national associations of diving instructors, the agreement was reached that the Association of Diving Instructors of RSJ should become a member of CEDIP separately, and it was realized in 1996. It was at that time that the abbreviation ARI was created. Due to the scope of the work of RSJ, ARI took over all activities related to training of divers and instructors.

At the same time, in 1995 and 1996, two new diving associations of Yugoslavia were created, which initiated a conflict over the presidency and the legacy of the association of former Yugoslavia. In that situation, in 1996, ARI has definitely established itself as the National Association of Diving Instructors of Yugoslavia, and later of Serbia & Montenegro. Since it was clear that the Serbia-Montenegro union is not going to last, the agreement of the founders was to register ARI at the level of the Republic of Serbia, where it is still registered today. The new President of ARI is Aleksandar Karjuk.

ARI has, both through RSJ and individually, left a lasting mark in Serbian, and also Montenegrin diving. Naturally, not through idle talk and self-promotion, but through direct work and the results of that work. The results that are evident are the following:

  • 58 M1 instructors trained

  • 3826 dive logs issued

  • 98 instructors licensed

  • ARI instructors have organized 56 competitions in all diving disciplines

  • Founder and co-organizer of the Belgrade Underwater Film Festival

  • Established diving standards and training rules for all categories

  • More than 100,000 of work on diving-related matters

The initial concept, that ARI should gather all instructors from all associations around the world and create quality instructors in cooperative and friendly atmpsphere, has not been realized in the planned fashion. However, this approach, towards unity/cooperation, is still present today, and some instructors are placing a lot of emphasis on these friendships, although a small number of members seems not to understand that ARI, as an association, is a member of the European association CEDIP, and that all of its members are also CEDIP members, and that therefore they are members of the same association as other CEDIP members from other parts of Europe.

ARI has the concept that everyone with good intentions is welcome, and that all positive activities should be realized cooperatively.

Saša Karjuk
Belgrade, April 2007

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