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Csaba TOTH

 Born: 01.04.1966, Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary
Ronilačka zvanja:

  • Instructor ARI-CEDIP, I1/M1 br/# 2896



Curriculum Vitae Mr Csaba
Curriculum Vitae Mr Csaba 1
Other specialty:


Curriculum Vitae
Personal dates:
Name: Csaba Tóth
Date of Birth and place: 01.04.1966, Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary
Father’s name : Lajos Tóth
Address: 4220 Hajdúböszörmény Olajütő u 12. Hungary
Contact: E-mail address: , , Phone Number: +36 70 4216141
SSI Instr. No.:52600
CEDIP Instr No.: 02896
PADI pro. reg. No: 646 102
- SSI Instr. course / Sea -Watch SSI DC
- CEDIP instructor course / Greece, Diver to diver DC/
- PADI IDC / Assistant Instructor course, Búvártanoda ,Budapest, Hungary/
- EFR-CFC Instructor / Búvártanoda.Budapest, Hungary/
-Rope Access /industrial alpin/ training
-Commercial Diver. Commercial Diver School /CDT/ Cape Town, South Africa
-Aeroplane Mechanic. Aviation Officer's College /NCO faculty/
-Agroculture Mechanic/operator. /Industrial school/
- 2011-2014. Békaember Búváriskola # 723100 / Frogman Diving School/ Dive Instructor/ Owner. Hungary-Albania. / in totall 3000 dives/
- 2010-2013 Hungary, Aqua-World-Ramada Resort Dive Center. Dive Instructor.
-.2008-2009-2010,2014,2015 summer season Greece ,Thassos Island, Diver-to–diver DC , Dive Instructor. more than 1300 hrs.
• 2006 REDS ltd /UK/ Jetty pile corrosion prevention with Denso technology, Libya, Waffa oil refinery. 100hrs
• 1999-2002 Diver Ltd /Búvár Kft/ Szolnok /Maintenance of river construction work, flood prevention, explosion work on surface and subsurface./ approximation 800 hrs. Than diver, 1-st diver, diving supervisor.
• 2001 PASA Ltd Budapest /Wreck excavation in the Indian Ocean ,”Grosvenor” Project ,Wild Coast, South Africa/ 60 hrs
• 1984-1999 Hungarian Defence Forces /in more different instructor and commanding assignment in the Aviation Officer's College, in the HQ of Szolnok,in peace keeper-/SFOR/ ,and the Rapid Reaction Forces.
Diver quvalifications:
- SSI Open Water Instructor
- SSI Snorkel Instr.
- SSI Nitrox; Deep Diving; Night & Limited Visibility ; Underwater Navigation ; Stress &
Rescue Speciality Instructor
-CEDIP */OW/ Instructor
-Deep-,Night-,Navigation spec. Instructor
-PADI Assistant Instructor / NO RENEWED/
- PADI Dive Master
-Commercial Diver / class3/
- Nitrox diver
-Dry suit diver
-Ice diver
Rope access qualification:
- standard level
Other specifications:
- Boat driver license: „B” /Up to 30brt, No passenger and power limit,/
-EFR-CFC Instructor
-car driver license: „B”; „T”
Language: english ,hungarian


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